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First and Last Date

Posted: November 21, 2013 in Dating, Love

Feb, 1st 2011.

Would you like to convene me as I will be home next week?” I sent a message. And as soon as it was delivered I went back dreaming in my good old days as waiting for a reply was too tough for me. These are the moments when even biggest mathematician’s algorithm with permutation and combination fails to come up with a explainable result. I was in 9th std. when this feeling of being with someone, to care and to be cared got an accident with me. I hardly knew what it was that time. Some of my friend suggested as “It is love” perhaps we never encountered with words like crush and infatuation. Only thing I remember about those days was the conversation through our eyes until we separated our ways after board exams without saying a single word. Yes, it is true that we never talked.

5 minutes later my phone blinked with a hardly audible tone bringing me back to the real world. “If you can manage your time.” I read and heard a voice echoing in my head “If you believe me, a girl’s dictionary doesn’t have these two words – “Yes/No”.
Every reply of them is like an alien’s signal, you have to decode them with an uncertainty of successfully doing it and certainty of screwing yourselves.

Alright, 9th February. Place and time as you wish.” I messaged.

11:00 AM, Sakchi. Pick me up from my old college as I have some pending work over there.” She replied.

Done.” I said and logged off for the day.

5th feb, 18:55. I started thinking about our last co-incidental visit in a busy afternoon when we talked first time and exchanged our nos. As the announcements were done for my flight to Calcutta, I started wondering whether I need to impress her or not, and other probable doubts.

As the day arrived, I woke up as early as possible and started finishing daily routine jobs without which my mother would not have allowed me to go out. I searched my bag for better clothes as I barely had one. After much efforts a light faded denim with a pan-america shirt was finalized and my canvas as usual. I was all set. I left home at 10:40, as it is not more than 20 minutes ride to Sakchi from home. I was about to reach there when I sensed that my phone was ringing.

Hello, where are you? I am done here in my college and down the way.” She said.

Wait for 2 minutes, I am almost there.” I replied and parked my bike near Blue diamond rushing to her college. I looked through the moving vehicles ignoring the traffic cacophony. “There is she.” I mumbled as I saw her coming towards me. She was in her chudidaar with a light navy blue kurti with casual sandals, her hair was perfectly tied in a bun and no extra makeup. With a smile, we shook hands.

Where did you leave your bike?” She inquired.

Mmm,parked on the opposite side of the road as I was intended to talk to you more while walking.” I gave only explanation I could have come up confidently but felt idiotic inside. We started sharing our views on school days to college life, every nonsensical asset of batch mates to her master degree and my job. We did not even realise how a 10 min walk went by in seconds. Now, it was time to leave for CCD Bistupur. As she sat behind me, I felt the harmony of her calm and yet chirping song of earrings. Suddenly I felt something on my shoulder, although I was wishing for the same but never believed that it could happen.

YES” I breathed heavily. It was her hand on my shoulder, soft disciplined with a smooth landing as a bird. I reconfirmed the conspiracy just then happened in side view mirror as I was drifted by the excitement of sudden happiness. These simple, minor yet strong moments plays a big role to bring the warmth in unconditional and unnamed relations.

I love her.” SIMPLE.

At that moment I experienced the completeness, I craved to be the guy who will be with her forever in good and worst, in happiness and sorrow, to care her and to be cared. I desired life to be like this always, uncertain and surprising.

To be cont….

P.S:-  Although it is just a fiction. But, those who know me Please do not disclose her name.