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Secret Santa

Posted: December 28, 2013 in Christmas, fiction

It was cool breezy evening of Christmas when Ayush reached his colony from office. Down the line for two years he is been used to the atmosphere of the place and as usual to his daily routine, he went for a smoke to nearby tea-vendor. He bought a cigarette, light up, sipped his tea, dragged deep puff of smoke and sat by the small footstep before the sweet shop in front of the chai-wala. The whole colony was looking resplendent for the Christmas celebration. Though he hardly knew about the festival for his own prejudiced reason like, “I’ll celebrate any of the festival as long as my office announces leave for that, despite of the religion they are based on.”  He looked around the complex’s parking space where kids were playing with joyous faces. He turned left to him and saw a big Christmas tree decorated with lights in someone’s balcony. With another deep whiff he noticed someone standing at midst of this entire cheerful environment, staring desolately having miseries in his eyes. A kid, a small dejected kid not more than 6 years old whom he known for a while. He was the son of the woman working there in the sweet shop. He had seen him playing with street side dogs but that day he was not in mood to go through his usual way of killing time.

For a moment he was moved by the feelings of the kid had right there. He started looking through the kid’s eyes, which was questioning the whole system that why he would not be able to live in this world as if other kids used to do. Why does not he be able to acquire all the luxuries and resources?

Literally, Ayush understood every word that kid wanted to say. Then he decided to be secret Santa who is been always discussed but never known by anyone. Suddenly he left for the nearby gift store and searched for a while something opt for the kid that followed by the sports store. Finally, he bought a football and went ahead to the sweet shop again where he collected lots of chocolate and a cake. After being all set to surprise the kid, he started looking for him and found him sitting under the banyan tree facing towards east side of the complex.

He went up to him; spread his hand to wish him. In response, kid also stretched his hand and said, “Hi!”

“Why are you sitting here and not playing?” Ayush asked.

“What festival is this today? I asked mumma but she refused to tell, probably she is busy in her work.” He went on explaining and ignored Ayush’s actual question.

“Every year, god comes to earth secretly and gives gifts to everyone, because today is his birthday.” Ayush said.

“But, I did not get my gift, why do I believe you?”  He made a curious point.

“That is why I came to you. Actually, God is busy like your mum. And you know what, he is really sorry that he could not make it to you personally.” Ayush replied.

“Hmm, I see. So what have you got for me likewise you said?” The kid inquired.

Ayush picked his bag lying down and used his hand like a magician to get things he bought a moment ago. While he was offering the gift to the kid, he noticed the excitement in kid’s eyes, gleaming with happiness and delight. Both of them shared the chocolate and cake, played with footwall for a while. They were so much into the play that didn’t realise the time moved so fast.

Then time came when Ayush had to stick to his usual routine. He brought the child to his mum and left for his room. He purchased a cigarette and was about light up, he saw the kid waving at him saying bye. Some drop of tears rolled down his cheeks. He threw his cigarette, breathed deep and felt all his tiredness and stress loosing hold on him.

He made two souls heavenly that evening.